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Menchi Katsu Curry

Introducing: Menchi Katsu!

You asked – we delivered! Japan’s favorite spin on the hamburger – Menchi Katsu. Ground beef blended with caramelized onions and spices, breaded in crunchy panko, then fried to perfection. 2 patties served up with rice and curry (and our side […]

Tokyo curry

Japanese Curry – Healthy tradition with International Roots

Japanese raisu karī  or “Rice Curry”, the national dish of Japan, combines the culinary traditions of India, Great Britain, and even France. Curry was introduced to Japan from India via the British Navy  in the second half of the nineteenth century, when […]

Japanese HCT Corn Soup

Japanese Corn Soup

One of the decidedly popular items on our Yoshoku menu is the Japanese favorite “Corn Soup” (also known as “Corn Pottage”). Pottage is a French cooking term, describing a  technique of preparing vegetable-based creamed soups, In Japan the flavor of […]