Hiyashi cold ramen salad

Hiyashi Chuka – back for Summer!

We’ve brought back Hiyashi Chuka – the Japanese cold ramen salad served in Japan when the weather gets hot. Our version features chicken, shredded egg omelet (“tamagoyaki”), cucumber, shredded carrots, ginger, and sprouts, dressed in tare – a cool soy […]


Mentaiko – The Japanese Offspring of Fish Roe Kimchi

Mentaiko consists of marinated pollock eggs spiced primarily with chili, although some versions may include karashi,  a mixture of ground mustard seeds and horseradish.  The rich and spicy flavor of mentaiko is often eat straight with a dollop of rice,  accompanied by […]

Menchi Katsu Curry

Introducing: Menchi Katsu!

You asked – we delivered! Japan’s favorite spin on the hamburger – Menchi Katsu. Ground beef blended with caramelized onions and spices, breaded in crunchy panko, then fried to perfection. 2 patties served up with rice and curry (and our side […]