Japanese Rice Curry – Health food tradition with International Roots

Japanese raisu karī  or “Rice Curry”, the national dish of Japan  combines the culinary traditions of India, Great Britain, and even France. Curry was introduced to Japan from India via the British Navy  in the second half of the nineteenth century, when Meiji-era Japan opened its doors to foreigners and their goods.  The term “curry” was […]

Japanese Braised Beef Curry

Tokyo Curry a la Hurry Curry of Tokyo

Yoshoku – Japan’s unique reinvention of foreign cuisine

  Japanese dining is not all sushi and tofu. In fact the most popular meals in Japan – curry and ramen – were inspired by dishes from India and China. Japanese chefs love nothing more than adopting a foreign food and then recreating the Yoshoku (foreign) dish with a uniquely Japanese spin. The greatest surge […]

Hiyayakko – Japanese Cold Tofu Salad

Our “Tofu Salad”  is known in Japan as Hiyayakko (“cold tofu”).  While this traditional Japanese dish is usually served during the warm summer months , we certainly think it is good enough to serve year ’round. This dish is also one of the few we serve which is purely Japanese (Washoku cuisine) rather than Yoshoku –  Japanese cuisine […]