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Hiyashi cold ramen salad

Hiyashi Chuka – back for Summer!

We’ve brought back Hiyashi Chuka – the Japanese cold ramen salad served in Japan when the weather gets hot. Our version features chicken, shredded egg omelet (“tamagoyaki”), cucumber, shredded carrots, ginger, and sprouts, dressed in tare – a cool soy […]

Valentine's Day

Sweet Sake options for Romancing your Sweetie

Ozeki “Hana-Awaka” Sparkling Sake and Sayuri Nigori Unfiltered Sake. Ozeki Hana Awaka (Sparkling Flower) is a refreshing, fizzy, low-alcohol sake. This light, pleasant bubbly sake is just perfect as brunch and after-work drinks. Sayuri (little lily) is soft and white, like […]


Mentaiko – The Japanese Offspring of Fish Roe Kimchi

Mentaiko consists of marinated pollock eggs spiced primarily with chili, although some versions may include karashi,  a mixture of ground mustard seeds and horseradish.  The rich and spicy flavor of mentaiko is often eat straight with a dollop of rice,  accompanied by […]