Japanese Corn Soup


One of the decidedly popular items on our Yoshoku menu is the Japanese favorite “Corn Soup” (also known as “Corn Pottage”). Pottage is a French cooking term, describing a technique of preparing vegetable-based creamed soups, In Japan the flavor of blended cream and roasted corn is so popular, it is not only found in soups in most diners and some vending machines, but in popsicles, cookies, and KitKat bars as well.

Japan’s love affair with corn began when Portuguese traders introduced the grain in 1579. Although sweet corn was first grown domestically in Hokkaido in the 1900s, it did not gain national popularity as a food until the 1950s and ’60s. Not only does Hokkaido continue to produce most of Japan’s domestic sweet corn, The United States exports more corn to Japan than any other country. largest exporter of corn from the United States. Sweet corn is now a familiar and popular vegetable around the country. Fresh roasted corn is a particularly welcome treat during summer festivals.

So next time you stop in, be sure to try our Japanese Corn Soup! It’s popular with our adult customers and kids alike.