Soup Curry – Sapporo’s favorite way to enjoy Japanese Curry


Far to the north end of Japan, the island prefecture of Hokkaido boasts a rich legacy of regional cooking. The northern climate, with its rugged winters and moderate summers, yields bountiful crops of fresh produce, locally grown meats, and fresh-caught seafood. Regional specialties include barbecued lamb and vegetables (Jingisukan), miso ramen, Pacific salmon nabe, and yakitori. No trip to the prefecture capital of Sapporo would be complete without diving into a hearty bowl of the ultimate local favorite – Soup Curry.

Soup Curry was the brainchild of Tatsujiri Muneo, owner of the small local cafe “Ajanta” in Sapporo. The original version he created in the 1970’s consisted of a thin Chinese style soup, flavored with Indian spices, and loaded with leftover chicken and fresh vegetables. The soup is always served with a side of rice rather than over noodles. Soup Curry remained a hidden gem at the little restaurant until suddenly around 2002, popularity for the dish exploded. Today over 200 Soup Curry specialty restaurants operate in Sapporo alone.

There is no single “authentic” Soup Curry recipe. Every Soup Curry restaurant serves its own unique, home-made version , providing plenty of room for experimentation. The broth may be thin or rich, based on chicken broth, beef stock, or tomato sauce. Some chefs favor adding coconut milk or yuzu, while others stick to flavors closer to traditional Japanese curry. The bowl is then piled high with plenty of vegetables and the chef’s choice of meat.

We are now pleased to introduce to you the Hurry Curry of Tokyo version of Soup Curry, created by our own Chef Rumi Kamasawa. Featuring the flavor profiles of our custom curry sauce created especially for us in Japan, the broth is rich and hearty. We add tender slow-cooked chicken thighs as our choice of meat, load up with vegetables, and of course, serve with a side of rice. Itadakimasu!